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Default Re: Trades, Rumors, Thoughts, Opinions

Originally Posted by Posterize246
Yeah Denver has Billups though. There's only so many teams I can think of that need a pg or an expiring contract.

Miller for Rip Hamilton works salary wise and was something I though of. Pistons could switch AI back to the 2 guard. And they're also a team looking to dump salary (Sheed and AI). But Rip is also 30 with a contract just about identical to S Jax.
Dosen't matter if they got Billups you make it work, because at the end of the year it's all about dumping that salary. Detroit didn't need Iverson but they made it work even though it meant putting a legit starter on the bench. That was just an example so don't take that to serious. I'm not a man of making up a bunch of trades I leave that for the gm's. I would probably consider Jamal Crawford or J.R. before I would ever think about a Jackson or a Rip.
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