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Ya I know a-lot of players do and did!!!!!!!!!!! I know it for a fact!! I know one of the main dealer's for the team I live by!!!! HE had da best ****!!! And I bought from him myself but went threw a friend of mine to get it and got to meet some player's who bought it from him.
I'm clean now and it cool to me that I went to the same guy who sells to pro player's and wish I could again but the guy got busted this year with a whole mess of ****. 2000 E pills and many lbs of herbs and he was the best hook up I ever had.
Herb is not bad but meth and other drugs r trash!!! In most countries Herb is legal it's good for a-lot of thing and these pill the government give you is not.
I was given Anti-depressant when I was young and it ruined my life. The doctor that gave it to me didn't care that I almost died from it. He only cared about what effects it had and treated me like a Guinea pig. So never take those and never let your kids take them.
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