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Originally Posted by XxNeXuSxX
You never noticed how we were online at the same time? And I was responding to his posts?

Yes, I would make a name on ISH to make retarded statements in the Lakers forum, only so I could quote them later. I must have been in 2 parts of the country at once to make sure the IP's did not match up. I also flew accross the country to make a post, and in 1 minute, fly back to reply. :rollingeyes:

Ok!! I did notice that and at one time your light went off and then his went on!!! Then when I mention that I thought you were him on the Laker's forum Both were on at the same time!!!! And figure at the time you just were on with both names!! To hide that!!! Oh this BS your saying now about being in two parts of the country and flying across the country is plain out dumb. Sh*t I still don't know you could be him maybe your the 11 yr cousin and this is your original posting name!!!
But I can't say that for a fact!!! Just that you were encouraging him to post more dumb sh*t and you were kissing his ass. And when he got banned you made a thread about him in the Off the Court Lounge! Saying he was the greatest ISH poster of all Time!!!:rollingeyes:
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