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Just because he didn't get caught don't make it ok. If I slept with your wife/girlfriend, would you rather not know?

It just depends on if you think driving with 1.1 BAC is a big deal or not. I may have a misconception as to how drunk that is, but I think you could safely operate a vehicle in that state. I was nowhere near drunk when I went home last night, but I could have had a similar BAC.

But I don't have a breathalyzer, so perhaps I was way under.

By the way, do you have a DWI or DUI as well? You talk as if you've been there.

No, I don't.

I'm confrontational on the subject because I think politicians have gotten out of hand when it comes to drinking and driving. They're no longer trying to keep the roads safer, but trying to eliminate drinking period. There was no reason to lower the legal limit from 1.0 to 0.8. Most people can and will safely operate their vehicle with a BAC above 1.0.

Tougher laws don't help them catch the menaces on the road. People who get absolutely hammered and drive aren't stopping because the limit's been lowered to .8. The people who get screwed by this gestapo tend to be the fairly responsible ones who have some drinks, are fine to drive, but get pulled over due to some unlucky break. (license checkpoint)

Out of the people I know, it's pretty random who has gotten a DUI. The biggest drunks I know have avoided them, while people who are much more responsible have gone to jail.
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