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Originally Posted by kobedaman24
Is a center. Jackie Butler is not a presentable starting center. He could give some good backup minutes to the starting center. I dont know that many centers who are available, but the Lakers are overloaded with players. Maybe SAS can make a s&t with them for mihm. Mihm wont get that many minutes because of Andrew Bynum last years 10th pick of the Lakers.

If some how Laker's and spur's would trade sending Milm over there who would they trade for?!!! The Spur's could use Milm but they will still be a great team with or with out him!!! I would love to get Nick back in that trade but that's just me only because I'm a big fan, but we have to many guards as it is. So if that trade were posible who would be the most likly trade to LA?
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