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I think Rasheed1 and FPower have both made good points.

I've already stated that I have been arrested and charged with DUI. I agree with Rasheed1, there is no reason for anyone to really drive when they've been drinking. I also agree with FPower that a person can drive if they haven't had that much to drive.

I do not agree that a person can safely operate a vehicle with a 1.1 BAC. I don't know if he meant .11 or 1.1, but at either level, it is not safe. The legal limit of .08 is pushing it for many people.

My personal cut-off point is 4 beers. Either that or I'll wait a while before driving. That is more to keep me out of trouble though. When I go out to eat and stuff and have a few drinks, I'll drive. When I go out to the bar or club, like on the weekend or something when I'm going to be kicking it hard, I never drive.
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