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Originally Posted by insidehoops
Being realistic, of course

What could cause problems, and what does the team have that no one else can handle (CP3 of course)


Outside scoring- this is the big upgrade from last year. Bjax and Peja, and West supposedly worked on his 3 pointer. Mason worked out that wierd elbow thing on his shot. Rasul Butler will play a bigger part than he did last year

Rebounding- Most of the players pull down an abnormal number of rebounds for their position from Paul to Chandler.

Spacing- The improvement with mid-range shooters and outside shooters is great for Chris Paul who can get by his man in one-on-one defense with ease. I have a feeling that his scoring will come much easier this year.

Depth- capable defensive bigmen hopefully. No offense to PJ (at center that is) and West but they aren't a very intimidating frontcourt defensively. This year hopefully Chandler, Simmons, and Armstrong will fix that.


Inside scoring- Peja and Mason have a little bit of post moves but besides that there will not be much offence from the paint besides Paul of course. Hopefully Hilton Armstrong

Injuries- TC, BJax and Peja will have to stay healthier than in the past.

Slashing- This shouldn't be a problem most of the year, but if Paul is injured this will be apparent. There is noone on the team that is really good at creating their own shots off the dribble besides Mason and Paul.

Who Knows:

Mason and Chandler have apparently worked extremely hard this summer but Chandler has said that before so who knows. Maybe Paul will get his career moving again. Hilton Armstrong and Cedric Simmons could be pretty good who knows.

I think a lot of people are kind of beginning to write off the Hornets for the playoffs because they don't like their summer moves money-wise but they are as improved as any other team besides maybe the Rockets. This is potentially a very good team this year and if everyone is healthy and TC and Mason improved or the rookies are decent they could be a very dangerous first-round opponent especially for a team like the Suns.
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