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Originally Posted by Unregistered
I can't say this enough on as many threds as possible....Pryz is horrible. He's slow, injured all the time, no offensive game to speak of, will commany WAY more the 5/6 MIllion. He couldn't even start on the worst team in the league, probably because he was injured most of the time. If the Raps want to have no flow to their offense to speak of, Pryz is our man!

At first when I saw Pryzbilla play I was like, this guy was awesome and my value for him dramatically decreased since then. So I say, pass on him unless you get him cheap and that will be very rare. Leave it to aldridge if we have the #1 pick still. The injuries to Pryzbilla were unbelievable last season. Maybe there is something better you could do, while savin cap space. We gotta save for next year remember.
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