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Originally Posted by BigTicket
Might just be me but the NBA and its fans seem overly obsessed with meassurements. Especially when you consider how many stars don't fit the stereotypes.

Shaq is too fat
KG is too skinny
AI is too short
Big Ben is too short
Brand is too short

The thing is, all these guys have attributes that make up for those physical shortcomings.

Shaq is WAY quick for a guy his size and has soft touch around the hoop.
Garnett plays the game in such a way that he doesn't need a lot of bulk.
Iverson is freaking amazingly fast, and he's also playing point guard a lot of the time, if not all the time. No problem with his size at that position.
Both Wallace and Brand, especially Brand, have freakishly long arms, even by NBA standards.
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