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Default OK ISH, your vote counts: Smoothest Neptunes Beat

I did a thread a few days ago - OK ISH, your vote counts: Nastiest Neptunes Beat - naming the nastiest track the 'Tunes put out. Now here is the other side of the 'Tunes, there more smooth, RnB side.

SWV: Use Your heart (1996)
Ol' Dirty Bastard: Got Your Money (1999)
Kelis: Get Along With You
Usher: U Don't Have To Call (2001)
Babyface: There She Goes (2001)
Britney Spears: Slave 4 U (2001)
Joe: Isn't This The World
Beyonce: Work It Out (2002)
Clipse: Gangsta Lean (2002)
TLC: In Your Arms Tonight (2002)
LL Cool J: Luv U Better
Justin Timberlake: Nothin' Else (2002) Hate Justin, but this Neptunes track is F-N great
Common: Come Close (2002)
702: Star (2003)
Jay-Z: Allure (2003)
Kelis: Sugar Honey Iced Tea (2004)
Snoop Dogg: Let's (2004)
Omarion: Touch (2005)
Robin Thicke: Wanna Love U Girl (2006)
Kenna: Say Goodbye To Love (2007)
Madonna: Candy Shop (2008)
Solange: I Decided (2008)
John Legend: It's Over (2008
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