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Default Re: NFL Playoffs: Divisonal Round

Originally Posted by GOBB
Eagles win today puts them in the SuperBowl. Cards is a cake game. Enjoy your 2 playoff victories. You shot your load. Eagles will blitz the hell out of Kurt. And Mcnabb is no Delhomme either. Eagles fans? Watch SD vs Pitt, we'll play the winner of that game.
Did I not tell you to stop saying things like this? Look what happened, the Tards kicked our ass, & now we're out of it. People who brag like this always get it shoved in their face, & it's not fair to those of us who aren't bragging, just cautiously optimistic that we have to suffer. Next time, will you please wait until the end of the game that's being played to brag? Please? I would like to see a Super Bowl win in my lifetime.
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