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Originally Posted by adityad
It is pretty safe to expect 14 and 10 from gooden with a block and good %. Randolph's problem is really that he might be 1. traded, 2. Reduced PT because of poor defense, and 3. His numbers in a best case scenario are going to be 18, 8, with low %s and high turnovers.

Artest is going to shoot a worse % than Jefferson, but that is the only cat that Jefferson has an edge in. The scoring is almost a wash, with Artest even outscoring Jefferson. Rebounds/Assists are the same but Artest is going to get a ton more blocks. Artest could even gain PG eligibility since there is a lot of talk of him playing point forward. (low chance). Artest also gets a lot more 3s than jefferson.

All in all I'd say that you did ok. Especially if you need help in steals adn 3s.

I agree with this analysis. To add to it, I think its an interesting trade for your team. I think it betters your team. I BELIEVE! You certainly upped your squad on the BLK/STLS/REBs categories. I just hope for your sake Gooden a) plays a full healthy season b) donyell marshall injury risk is realized to keep him below 70 games/30 min. c) he keeps outa foul trouble in efforts to c) average over 30 minutes, hopefully close to 34. If that works out for Gooden I think you got a good trade here.

I feel, yes even with McGrady, Wade and Howard, that you weren't flexing too much dominance in the PTS department. Thefore, taking a slight perceived step back in the PTS with this trade in efforts to up your REBS, BLKS, STLS, and ASTS is a smart move.

Good trade. Good example of a trade where if in a vaccuum and totally on paper (basically video game style) when you don't take into account sh!t like Z. Randolphs 12 year old behavior/attitude (different than Artests, cuz he wants to win) and other factors like where your team stood pre/post trade, then its a bad trade. But relative to your team as a whole, I'd say you made your team better in more important areas and overall stand more competitive now than before.

I try to stay away from drafting any Blazer just on principle. You had 2 and now you only have 1. That is a good move if anything

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