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Originally Posted by HoopitUP
sup peoples, my first year playing fantasy, just need some advice and pointers on what i should do. also what you think of my team.


PG C. Billups

SG K. Bryant

SF P. Pierce

PF D. West

C Z. Ilgauskas

Util R. Lewis

BN A. Nocioni

BN M. Ginobili

BN S. Claxton

BN R. LaFrentz

BN U. Haslem

BN D. Fisher

Your team needs some help. I don't know if its H2H and what is scored in your league, but you desperately need REBS and BLKS. Right now its 5 out of 10, 6 at best.

I'd say you're heavy on PTS and could use ASSTs as well. FG and FT% are tough to predict, but you look avg. on FG% and for FT% you don't have any of those top 10 dogs that can really kill a teams FT% so you're avg there too.

Get rid of Lafrentz and Fisher immediately. Pick up Kwame or someone on the FA list that can give you some boards. Sheldon Williams may be a good calculated risk to pick up as well if available. He could make some early strides with Blks and REBS.

Blks are tough to pick up any real added value from the FA list. You may want to work up a trade but I don't know where you can do that...Maybe target Ginobli/Nocioni who are good for your squad but may be able to get you some BLKS.

Sorry brother. How many teams in your league? Can you post a list
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