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Default Ever been on the sideline in an NFL game?

i am going to the dallas tampa bay thanksgiving game, and more than likely i will get a sideline/press pass. i work in the sports dept at a local newspaper, and i asked my editor if i could get a press pass or two and more than likely ill be standin on the sideline watchin my two favorite teams. hopefully my editor can come thru for me. i cant wait til thanksgiving, usually i go to my family's lakehouse for turkey day, and watch the games on a 50 year old tv with a lot of static, but this year should be different.

tampa has been my favorite for about 10 years now, and dallas has always been my 2nd, mostly b/c i live in texas, but this year ill be pullin for dallas, b/c TB is out of the playoffs and dallas is in the race.

i might also get to go to the press conferences after the game, theres nothin like a parcells conference

anyone else been on the sideline of an NFL game?

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