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To beat a dead horse, Handle the Rock. In that game McNabb got most of his yards in the first half, and like I said they played conservatively in the 2nd half. Still Eli only got 20 more yards than him and one more td. Those 20 more yards and extra TD came off of that last pass to Plexico.

The Eagles dominated that game and should've won it. Freakish mishaps and stupid sh*t is the only reason NY won. Plus, if the Giants did anything better it was out coaching the Eagles in the 2nd half. It Was a Fluke

And to backup Hotsizzle. Im even worse. Im a Eagle fan, Cowbody fan, and I like the Giants. I go for all of them to win against most other teams (Im gonna have to go against the Giants again though cause I think the Falcons are my 2nd favorite right now). But I have always been a big Cowboys fan and they're my favorite franchise, and Parcells is my favorite coach ever, plus I sorta like TO (just on the field, he's probably the best). But the Eagles are my favorites right now, because I hate the decision of Bledsoe on the field, no way they'll go far with him.

McNabb and Westbrook are like my 2 favorite players right now so that's why Im on their bandwagon, and I just think they are a great franchise since Reid has taken over and want them to win one.

Giants, well I like Eli and want him to do well. Hell I like a lot of their players, but really want Eli to get amongst the elites, and he can only do that by winning. Sorry Handle, but they're not good enough yet.

Ofcourse I don't have a team in my state, so I usually have to go by players or coaches I like.
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