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Default Re: Interesting trade idea.

Originally Posted by winningfreak
I had an idea, what if the Clippers offer Eric Gordon and Chris Kamen to miami for Dwayne Wade? Miami isnt going anywere with there lineup and they really need a center and Gordon would fill the hole from wade leaving.

I think it might work and maybe next season (saying there are no more injurys) the Clippers might have a team that can make a run at the Nba championchip.

as for this season

Seems like your young without alot of basketball trade talk/ business experience and you would get bashed horribly by some posters, but im not that type of poster so here it is...

You do not trade Dwayne Wade. First he is the face of the franchise and makes the world go round in Miami. He sells the tickets. Second he is at the top along with Kobe as the best shooting guards in the NBA. Caman is a good center and Eric Gordon is promising but they do not bring home a championship. Dwyane Wade HAS...

you build around Dwyane Wade, remember the phrase "build around". you make trades to support Wade because he is the guy bringing home the gold. you could get talented guys in return but you do not know how they perform in crunch time moments. Wade is leading the league in scoring and you maybe forgetting his 06 performance againts Dallas.

You do not trade Lebron James, you do no trade Kobe Bryant, you do not trade Tim Duncan... YOU DO NOT TRADE DWYANE WADE point blank period.
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