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Default Re: Amaré is voted All-Star Game starter

I do believe that Porter is absolute crap...but Amare is not exactly playing his best ball...

he is an amazing offensive talent...maybe the best cause he can shoot at a very high FG%.

but his defense is below par.

Dirk Nowitzki is a better defender.

Im not sure you want to keep nash 4-5 years....hes a defensive liability and he seems non-interested.

Shaq well suprisingly healthy...amazing till today...may not bring it all...but still puts up decent nos and still top 5 in the centers league at his age.

The suns need to Trade Amare for a couple of players...there is no way he sticks around if the suns keep floundering which they will...

no team is going to give the suns 2-3 players next year knowing amare will opt out.

Suns need to give up on this year...they are not going to win a title.
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