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Default Re: Horrible Fans Here

I don't think the fans here are horrible the economy is bad which hurts . I hope that the Kings lose every game for the rest of the year. This will give us a chance to get a lottery pick that will help with the rebounding and post game for the future like Thabeet. The fans are there as always just wanting to spend there money a little more closely for fun entertainment and Kings basketball isn't that entertaining now. That is how it is when rebuilding I still watch every game on TV and wish they would play Donte since we aren't winning and we could use his help next year and as it is he will be like portlands center still a rookie in his second year. Get a clue and play the new kids. Im a big fan of bobby J but he isn't in the future of this team and is taking time from the rookies. Get a clue Natt, Petrie and Maloofs its for next year at this point. This year is gone and I think all of us fans who have been calling for the rookies to get experience should be heard. The older players aren't getting it done so why keep us disappointed lets see the rookies get a chance to be ready for next season.
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