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Default Re: When will Gilbert Arena make a return?

Originally Posted by bokes15
And not only that, I think it'd be discouraging to team morale to think that he's pretty much given up on the season and he's the guy who they're depending on to lead them for the next 6 years. Even if it's not realistic for them to make the playoffs anymore, it'd be nice for them to hear that he's gonna make every effort to get back on that court and at least play out the season for whatever it's worth.
Except it's not his decision. He's said a few times, if it was up to him he'd be back by now (probably as early as late December). But the management (specifically Grunfeld) has told him that they want him back to 100% and even delayed his scheduled rehab. All of this is starting to have a negative effect on Areans, who really just wants to be out there playing (I don't know what in his past would make anyone believe otherwise, honestly). So instead, because he's attempting to be a good teammate and not appear to be at odds with management, he's making statements of the "silver lining" variety but because he wears his emotions on his sleeve, it's coming off as vaguely negative (on top of the fact that his team continues to lose and there's nothing he can do about it at the moment).

It annoys me that this issue is fairly one sided. It's frustrating to see Arenas constantly twisting in the wind being the only one that is answering the media, when the driving force behind all of this is Grunfeld (who has mastered the "no comment" added with the glare of death, so media members really don't talk to him much). But I wish there was some accountability on their part here because Arenas is really having to carry most of the burden here and he shouldn't have to (this could be easily rectified if they just came out and said "we feel it's best to take things slow with Gilbert, to make sure that there's as little a chance of a recurring injury taking place down the road", but of course, nothing).
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