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Default Re: When will Gilbert Arena make a return?

But I wish there was some accountability on their part here because Arenas is really having to carry most of the burden here and he shouldn't have to.

Arenas is the highest paid player on the team, so yeah he should have to take most of this so called "burden." He's being paid $111 mill over 6 seasons, so they have a right to want him back on the court. No, he can't choose when he's 100%, but he clearly said that he's in no rush to come back this season because of the team record, which insinuates that if the team had a playoff shot, he'd probably care a hell of a lot more.. Look at a guy like Elton Brand on the other hand last year who despite the clippers not being a playoff team said he was gonna work his ass off to come back and get some games in.
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