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Default Re: I think it's time

you know, i read the points of both you's guys and one sounds like it's time to blow this thing up and the other sounds like they need more time, i think you both fall in line with how the Suns management feels right now, give it time? break it up?

personally i think, its painfully obvious to me that Amare (either cant, or wont) play with Shaq on the team, most nights Amare seems to have simply "given up" on the season, he reminds me of an uninspired Boris Diaw, i mean c'mon, we'd be all over Diaw for putting up some of the numbers Amare has, 3 points, 1 rebound, 3 rebounds, 12 points, 5 rebounds, this cat is a model of inconsistency now, its like he took the "Boris Diaw" approach to playing all the sudden.

Amare needs to check the ego at the door, stop telling everyone what he is "going to do" and get out there and just do it, i am tired of hearing about his gorilla game, his tenacious D, or whatever else he thinks he is doing, on a side note, nice job to the NBA for putting Amare in the all star game cuz there is no way he deserves it, not with as many nights as he has seem to "take" off this season.

bottom line, i keep hearing they need more time they need more time, fact is they are STRUGGLING to be a 7th or 8th seed, at this rate they will face the Lakers or Spurs in the first round and both them teams will beat the Suns in 5, the Suns management needs to make a decision, ride this out till 2010 when the larger contracts come off the books, or, decide who's team this is, is it Shaq's team, or Amare's team, then trade one or the other. Amare looks lost out there, he cant play in a half court set, or he refuses to, Shaq cant run and gun, so you gotta make a decision, personally i am sick of hearing about the Run and Gun, big deal it was fun to watch and won a lot of regular season games, fact is it never and has never produced a title, the Suns need to distance them self from that hair-brain philosophy and trade anyone that cant seem to let go of it.

i dont know what the answer is, you know if we trade Amare he will kill on another team, look at Diaw, he is a beast in Charlotte, but he wasnt doing anything for years out here. i remember how Diaw seem incapable of playing with Amare in the lineup now it seems the same thing has happen to Amare when Shaq is in the lineup. i dont get it, on paper this team should be a lot better, but its not, they got no chemistry at all, that is proven by the amount of turnovers they average, they all are trying to do it on their own and not do it as a team. i dont know if they can do it as a team, or if they even want to, and coach Porter, i said from the jump off he was the wrong coach for this team, he coached the Bucks (eastern team) and then had his hands on Detroit (eastern team) he has no coaching experience in the West, and they dont play the same style over here as over there, we all know the eastern teams are historically better on D and the western teams are usually better on offense, and the Suns bring in a defensive guy to coach a team that aint played an ounce of D in what 4 years?

you know, i keep watching, cheering, and going to the Suns games, i keep waiting for this thing to turn around, for it to gel for it to finally all come together, i just hope while waiting for all this we dont "miss the bus" you know? it seems after every game that something needs to change, but what? is it the players that need to be traded? is it the coach that needs to be fired? maybe Kerr is the problem? heck Starver might even be to blame hahaha, ok in all seriousness i'd hate to be in Suns management and have to try and figure this mess out.
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