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We should copy and paste Joey's "Can I mock Flip Saunders yet?" thread in here.

What do I think of Flip's coaching?

-Flip failed to recognize the talent on his bench. His decision to develop Mo Evans ahead of Carlos Delfino disgusted me. It basically proved to me that Flip doesn't put any emphasis on defense. And Flip's infatuation with zones showed me that he doesn't have a clue about what it takes to be a defensive team.

-Due to his above shortcomings, I really think Flip lost the respect of most of the team. I think Chauncey, Mo, and maybe Rip were the only guys who really respected Flip. That was part of the disaster that was the playoffs. When things started going poorly, there was no way for Flip to right the ship since he'd lost the trust of his players.

-Flip played the starters too much during the regular season. During 20+ point blowouts, there would still be starters in the game with 6 minutes to go. Makes no sense. Dice could have played a little more, and Dale could have definitely provided a few more minutes. I already expressed my thoughts on Carlos. During the dog days of the regular season, the starters didn't need to be playing much more than 30 minutes a game.

Chauncey played more minutes this season than in any other of his career. All playoffs long I was wondering WTF was wrong with him. He may just have been worn out.

-Out of timeouts, the Pistons would invariably turn the ball over, or put up a bad shot. That was in stark contrast to the previous years where they would get a great look out of every single stoppage.

This really rankled me, as it seemed to indicate that Flip has no feel for the basketball game. He doesn't seem to see what's going on out there and be able to adjust accordingly.
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