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excellent thread!

Im in it to win it without the following.......

I agree with
Shaq - worse and worse every year. Only draf if I can swindle a great trade. Some people will give up gold for this nightmare. GOLD!
Dunleavy - this guy sucks on any team
Okafor - a 23 year old in 65 year old cancer patient's body
Chandler - avoid the guy that TOs more than BLKs and FTs like he FGs
Kenyon Martin - and he coulda been so f'n good
AK47 - aka 47 games played for a 2nd/3rd rnd pick is fool's gold
Hamilton - not where he is always drafted. Much better fantasy value should be out there in the 4th sometimes 3rd round when he's taken. He only scores with a slightly above avg %. Thats it. No 3s!!!

My Own Don'ts
Desmond Mason - Boo this man. And he started over JR last year. Boooooo
JR Smith - his history is bubonic
Jaric - Most boring PG ever. Ever.
Stackhouse- he's only gonna be valuabe if his team is in the playoff hunt late in the season. Not draftworty for my squad. Let him get dropped and grab him in March/April.
Toine Walker - 2 TO's, 30% 3s, 50% FTs, 40% FGs, and nothing else
Mark Blount - Avoid the C that never blocks, barely gets 10 pts., and gets less than 5 Rebs with about 3 TO's and never gets to the FT line
Franchise - I hope he proves me wrong. But a PG w/ pts<15 and TOs =5 is not drafted by me

I take serious issue with
Dirk - I need to hear why you wouldn't draft Dirk before I explain why you should
Yao - Same with Yao. Tell me why not. I don't understand? We're talking C's here!!
Ben Gordon- I can see why not because all he does is score. But dont count out a prolific scorer coming into his 3rd year on a team that is getting more well rounded. His #s could very well round out as well....too young and too good to count out now....i'd draft him for sure if it were right....
Troy Murphy - mid/Late round draft for a STL/AST heavy team who needs scoring/3s/rebs and a PF spot empty?....yes please

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