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I need to hear why you wouldn't draft Dirk before I explain why you should

I just don't like him. Luckily, in both of my drafts, I haven't had to be in a situation where i've had to even think about drafting him. Got the #2 pick in my yahoo 12 team public league and took KG (Lebron went #1) and got the #4 pick in my 14 team custom league and took KG again (after Lebron, Kobe, & Marion were off the board), and KG happens to be my favorite player in the league so I wasn't gonna pick anyone else unless I had to.

Same with Yao. Tell me why not. I don't understand? We're talking C's here!!

Same as Irk, I just dont like him. Plus, I dont think he'll be able to put up the #'s that he did the 2nd half of last year over the course of an entire season. And like Irk, he wasn't around when either of my 2nd round picks came along anyways so it doesnt really matter.

Troy Murphy

Boring, therefore I don't like him. More than likely could've grabbed him in both of my drafts if I wanted too, but i'm sure I got someone just as productive, if not more.
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