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This is the BEST the Clippers have played so far on the year. Next year, if everyone is healthy, we will be such a dangerous team when you add in a lottery pick and hopefully a healthy Chris Kaman. Up 68-49 at the half, add those numbers, you'll get the number of people in the audience as well.

Ricky "Buckets" Davis is back, this is what we have been waiting for, 14 points and 4 long range bombs. Zach Randolph is back to his old ways, 20 points, 8 boards on 7-12 shooting, including a 50 footer to beat the halftime buzzer. Barons shot is still rusty, as shown by his 1-6 shooting, but he has 7 dimes and no turnovers, but the key part of the opening 24 is Eric Gordon taking a dump on the Grizz. 21 Points, 2 dimes on 5-5 shooting. That is over 4 POINTS PER SHOT. He's 8-8 from the line and 3-3 from long range as well, plus, is holding Mayo to 4 points on 1-5 shooting. We can't relax with Mayo on the opposing squad, we have to keep this going!
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