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Default Re: Amare trade question

Miami does not want to shop beasley, there was talk that they wanna get rid of marion to make space for beasley to come into the starting roster.
I do not see miami giving up there no.2 pick.

Clippers deal is okay, i think itd be better if it was camby, thorton and first round draft pick. And as you said camby and shaq wont really work.

where did you get they wanna keep barbosa? It was quoted a phoenix suns exec said all players from phoenix's roster except nash are up on trade block. didnt mention ne thing about barbosa not being up for trade. Plus phoenix is trying to get rid of alot of the players from the run and gun era and barbosa is one those.

I really hope some more teams bob up with interest in this next week because at the moment it really looks like the only team i see us making a solid deal with is chicago. I dnt think the raps will deal bosh cuz bosh is actually alot better player than amare for starters and bosh is going to new york to play with lebron in 2010 so he wont be keen on agreeing to that trade or hed leave phoenix after a year of being here so thats a bad trade.
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