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Default Re: best case scenario: we get #1 pick

Originally Posted by 04mzwach
Trading picks and a player is always optional. We could probably still get better in the lottery if we can't win games without Jefferson. We will see how Love fairs and what about Blake Griffin? Isn't he projected #1 still? He is pretty good. It would be pretty weird to see a native white guy go first. When was the last time a native white player went first in the draft? Andrew Bogut wasn't born in the USA, so I'm not counting him. Andrea Bargnani wasn't born in the USA, so I'm not counting him. It just never happens.

Yeah, come to think of it, I have never seen a natural born white player (american) citizen become the #1 pick. I am sure that this happened back in the day, but not during my viewing experience..30 years.

Yeah, Blake is still the projected #1 player to be taken in the draft, and is one heck of a baller. With Thabeet he is not your dominate scoring big man, so this allows Big Al or CB#22 or Gomes, and Miller a chance to become the 2 or 3 headed offensive weapons that we need. Thabeet is more of a defensive stopper to clog up the paint.

Thabeets stats and core essentials:
13.2 pts a game
10.2 boards a game
4 blocks a game

Pretty much that is it. But the thing that I like, the kid is hungry and raw. Each offseason he is working out with Hakeem, Moses Malone, and Mutombo, and getting better with his offensive package. If given the right team and right coach, this kid could become really special.

Either way, we should turn out pretty good with this draft class.
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