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Default Re: best case scenario: we get #1 pick

Originally Posted by JellyBean
If we are able to grab that #1 pick, I would say go with my fellow UConn Husky, Hasheem Thabeet. With Thabeet, we have a legit center, so we can move Big Al back to his power forward spot (his natural position). Thabeet may lack offensive awareness, but the kid is still getting better and working on his game with Hakeem and Dikembe Mutombo, which means we could have a very scary front court with Big Al and Thabeet and Ryan Gomes.

Thabeet is great on the defensive side of the ball. He can change the flow of a game in a heartbeat. I would pick this player first.

My vision for our starting five:
C: Thabeet
PF: Big Al
SF: Ryan Gomes
SG: Mike Miller
PG; Randy Foye

Off the bench:
CB 22
Smith (Craig)

First, I actually hope they don't take Thabeet. Sure he is 7'3, but to me he just has bust written all over him. I think he won't be any better than a very poor man's Deke, or a rich man's Sam Dalembert.

Second, why would you want to move Foye back to the 1 when he is CLEARLY a 2. There is a huge difference in how he plays at each position. I think the 1 is just to much for him and all he should be worrying about is scoring. Hopefully they can either make a trade or sign a decent pg.

I don't think they will tank, they will probably try it keep going. I hope they make some kind of a trade, which probably won't happen. Lol, maybe we could go after Amare. But I really hope they don't tank, that would not be good for this young team. But we need a big man, Love simply can't be our center, and there really isn't anyone else.
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