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Default Re: Connecticut Huskies fan thread

Originally Posted by UConnCeltics
Well Dyson is in a good new bad news situatuion. The good news is he may be able to play again this year, but the bad news would be his injury would be pretty much untreatable.

According to ESPN UConn has entered Renardo Sidney's top 5.

ESPN has also changed up some of their ranks, Oriakhi is #5 center and #19 overall, and Coombs is #4 SF and #32 overall.

They ran a story on JD's injury in the Hartford Courant yesterday or today, the days just blend together now. Anyway, the story looked at two possible options; 1). removal of the damaged meniscusm, which would lead to a quick recovery. Or 2). Repairing the damage area, which will lead to months of rehab and recovery. Coach Calhoun, likes option #2, which I like as well. Poor, JD.

I just read the specs on Alex Oriakhi; pretty solid post player for being undersized. The message boards and scouting sites speak highly of this young man. It should be fun to watch next seasons new husky puppies on the court.
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