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Default Re: Hornets to Seattle?

Originally Posted by ThunderCover
It was the Sonics that were no longer economically feasible in Seattle and Seattle was unwilling to address it, hypocrite.

Seattle doesn't deserve another team.

And you think OKC deserves a team after supporting a dislocated team for two years? Seattle ranked highly in merchandise sales and television revenue, OKC currently ranks dead last in both categories.

Since when does a 45th sized market deserve a team over a top ten market? Seattle lost only $9.4M last year with Clay Bennett dismantling team and alienating it from the fans, there was no advertising, no player interviews, no fan fest things that people usually do, kinda like how Clay is doing in OKC right. He did everything he could make the team unattractive so people wouldn't care.

Had he advertised and done things a good owner would have done trying to make it work the Sonics would have probably made money in Seattle last year. Advertise a kid like Durant and you make money, simple as that.

Did you know Clay has already lost over $20M this year in OKC? Do you think just because you have 18,000 people there a night that equates out to making money? No it doesn't!

You Okies have your heads so far up your asses that you can't see the light of day.

And do you think the arena plan that Clay proposed in the Seattle area would fly in OKC?

Let me break it down for you on how'd that would work. He would tell that Oklahoma legislature that the only way he'd move a team to OKC is if they built him a $500M arena in a town that wasn't OKC, maybe a suburb, not familiar with area, so I don't know.

You think you're gov't facing the current energy crisis that it is would go for that? You think they'd pay for a basketball arena that costs more than most NFL stadiums and holds a 3rd less people? NO! You kidding me!?

Bennett had no intention of ever trying to make it work, you're boy Aubrey even said that they always intended to move the team to OKC.

OKC does deserve a basketball franchise and Seattle more so. Look at NBA attendance records and you will see that Seattle used to get over 40,000 a night during the championship runs back in the 70's and during the 90s the crowds got so loud you could not hear the PA announcer with the PA cranked to the max!

So by your thinking, all that means nothing and Seattle doesn't deserve a team and you think that OKC does because it supported the Hornets for two years with courtside tickets cost $27 and almost have the nightly tickets being given away, almost like now how a few thousand free tickets are given away just so it looks like you guys have a sell out.

That's just taking money out of Clay's pocket who will be broke soon enough, Aubrey and Tom almost are and Clay doesn't even have half their net worth.

Soon you can just drop the O off the OKC Thunder, because they'll be in KC before you know. Clay has an out in 2014.

Real hometown hero huh?
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