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Default Re: Hornets to Seattle?

Originally Posted by ThunderCover
The Sonics went broke in Seattle. They could no longer afford to keep playing there. There only choice was to move to have any chance of breaking even.

well perhaps if clay had not gutted the roster the team would of done better and made more money...

seattle is a better tv market
a better merchandise market
with a larger fan base
and one of the most storied franchises in history.

clay bennet never intended to keep the team in seattle.
that's obvious to anyone (even someone as dumb as you are)
plus he's the one who bought the damn team
he's the one responsible for them losing money
why should the people of seattle been responsible to build him a 500mil dollar arena?...
make his sorry ass pay for it

david stern should be ashamed at how he let a carpet bagger like bennet ruin a beloved franchise
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