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Originally Posted by browntown
Look at it this way. I'm giving up 2 good players for 1. Okafor was injuired for MOST of the season and he sucked in the preseason. Then Big Z has so much compatition beteen 3 other bigs. Then Lewis is solid but I already have a SF in LBJ.

You can think of it another way...

The MAIN weakness in ur team is depth...You have LBJ, Odom, Billups, and Jermaine...And then there is a huge drop in talent, sure u have Kaman too...But then? What else do u have?

Mobley? (Garbage)
Cassell? (Garbage)
PJ Brown?
Steven Jackson?

ALl those are starters for u...

With the trade, u can add some much needed DEPTH...

Z isn't really "old" he is only 31...and his last season was identical to his season when he was 28 or 2 years ago...And he isn't sharing time with anybody with the talent he has...WHo is he going to share time with?

Lewis is in his contract year...He said he really improved in the off-season, and is ready for a big year...Can provide good %s like Z, and can hit the trey, and score, with betteer steals + blocks than Ray...

All in all, nice deal for u...

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