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Default Re: Why is Air Alert bad for you? GOOD READ

The problem with all vertical jump programs is that they are only a small component of what it takes to increase vertical jumping ability. The exercises by themselves are normally well described, and would be very effective if used under the right conditions. Unfortunately most players start Air Alert or other programs in the middle of the season, which is the worst time possible!

If your body has to cope with 2-3 team training sessions, 1-2 games, weight training sessions and of course numerous pickup games on a weekly basis there is no way it can cope with the additional stresses of a vertical jump program. Not even an NBA playerís body could cope with all that!

The only way the human body can make athletic advancements is through rest. There is therefore no point in putting it under more stress until it has fully recovered, and even overcompensated to deal with it's new circumstances. That is the point at which you have gained strength, and that's the exact point at which it should be hit with another training session. Not before and not after!

For weight training sessions the resting time of a muscle is 48 hours. The same goes for someone who is new to plyometrics. That is 48 hours of no jumping at all, especially not during pickup games. Over time the body can recover quicker, and is ready to absorb 4 plyometric sessions a week.

As mentioned though plyometrics alone won't result in that dream vertical jump. Effective weight training, and sprint training sessions along with a quality diet are also vital components. Weight training should be split into at least two upper body and one lower body sessions per week.

So, now most will probably be thinking how on earth should I fit that lot into my schedule??? It's simple, use the off-season. That's when most pro's bunker down with their athletics coaches. It's Tim Grover's (Look the name up if you don't know who he is) busiest time of the year.

So to anyone who's thinking about Air Alert: summer is still months away, put the booklet aside and focus on closing out the season as strong as possible. And when April comes around I recommend you consult an athletics coach, and have them put together a personal program for you. Not a basketball coach, they often think they are experts on this topic, but unfortunately most arenít. Also ask them how you can increase your body's recovery time. Diet and quality sleep are the key, also during the season!
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