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Default lol... GM of the year?... Kerr?...

Forgive my bold prediction mixed with sarcasm here... there is a case of empty sierra nevada porter bottles in the trash can after our celebration here this evening.

Kerr fakes the Amare trade to create some drama (shaq masterminds the whole thing). Kerr then fires porter instead. The suns in turn go crazy after going back to loose shootaround practices and nash's take on the showtime offense. Amare averages 28-11 the rest of the way, while shaq goes back to being a teammate instead of *****ing about touches. They go 27-4 to finish the relatively easy remaining season, securing 3rd in the west, and steamrolling their way to a surprising WCF showing.

You probably laugh at me... but stranger things have happened.

I should also add that if the above does not happen and stoudemire gets traded, Kerr is definitely a plant sent in from the spurs to sabotage the suns franchise from the ground up. Ticket sales and market share will plummet. Your move Kerr. Trade Amare and we all know what you are up to.
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