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Originally Posted by the even bigger black guy
The Shield is entertaining, but to put it in the top 20 of all time is laughable.

Entourage too. Entourage has zero substance. It's entertaining and fun to watch, but it is basically watching a few guys goof around Hollywood with hot girls.

Sopranos is overrated. It's a great show, but not anywhere near legendary.

Deadwood and Rome are probably the best HBO shows outside the Wire. I don't think you could find a single complaint about any aspect of The Wire. I just don't think GOBB has the intellectual capacity to follow a heady show like Deadwood, Rome, etc.

And you're a white boy amazed with urban life of violence, poverty and drugs.

And its your opinion no other show is better than TheWire, sucks doesnt it that it cant be a FACT? Something you gotta deal with. No one said ANYTHING about the shielf being a top 20 of all time tv show. Who in here said that moron?

Also other posters have spoken on DeadWood and didnt enjoy it either. I never said a thing about Rome, another poster did and it wasnt to praise but just say they can respect it. But hey you instantly pulled down my pants and blew me. Emotionally scarred slut you are.

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