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Originally Posted by Rasheed1
dream on was hilarious

I never watched the wire, but it must be a pretty good show though....I was over a friend's house and he has these go-go nights at his house where the chicks come over and put on a freak show for us....these dudes promptly ended the freak show so they could watch the wire

every body got dressed and they turned on the TV, Im like what the f*ck on TV could be better than what we was just doin?

must be one hell of a show

Its got comcast cable and the on demand thing? If so you can get caught up on to Season 4 which is starting off great and looks to be the best season. And Season 1 & 3 were GREAT. But to really appreciate it you're gonna have to watch Season 3 if not Season 1 to get the full effect. Understand the players, who is gone, who has new occupations and why the whole nine. I'm sitting here now waiting for my On Demand channel to show next weeks show. Every Monday On Demand broadcasts next Sundays show so i can see it ahead of time which is cool. Like last nights show i saw last Monday already. Yeah its that good that it got people like me that hype to see it.

Favorite character is Omar. He a stick up dude who has the entire hood shook. Only one man with a gun but he has the respect of all because he robs corner boys, stash houses it doesnt matter. You got paper and he wants it? He gets it. And his thing is its not what he is taking, or how much money/drugs he has taken its WHO he is taken it from. He gets a rush out of phucking over big drug lords operation. This cat can show up at a stash house, sit outside, smoke a cig and bags of dope drop to the ground. He doesnt even have to kick in the door with guns blazing.

Man you're sleeping on a GREAT series homie!
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