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Default Ps3 vs Xbox 360

Why should I get either system?
What makes one system better than the other?

I want Ps3 but most of my friends have 360 and all say get that. Most 360 players get it because of online play, atleast from people i talk to via in person and/or msgboards. I like my ps2, never was an Xbox fan. Granted playing 360 and the games on it, its way better than my ps2. I'm thinkin Ps3 is just as good if not better. Dunno why, I'm leaning towards bias. I really dont know all the full capabilities each system has which is another reasons people might buy it. Me? I wanna play some games and i figure its good as a DVD player as well.

I'd like video game heads to answer the two questions. And by answer I mean fully explain.
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