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Would you rather spend: 400 dollars, or 600 dollars
Would you rather have your system: now, or in November?

Really tough decision :rollingeyes:

Listen. A bunch of people are going to come in here and give you a bunch of bull**** about how PS3 is more powerful and has more technology in it than the Hydrogen Bomb. IT'S BULL****. As much technology that is going into this thing, you WILL NOT notice a difference between it and 360 unless you are specifically STUDYING with a MICROSCOPE. the difference is 200 dollars.

And when is the last time Sony has released something that didn't have problems in the first wave of releases?

Also. Most people have a 360 already. the only people who are waiting for PS3 are rich asian game nerds. There will be more people playing online 360 for stuff like Madden and 2k7 than there will be for PS3. If you like Final Fantasy, go ahead and knock yourself with the PS3 but Xbox has long been the best platform for sports games both gameplay wise and online play.
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