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Originally Posted by EB best in LA
he is declining getting worse by the day lost a step in 3 yrs lakers will give up on him after they sign nobody when its 2008

If EB is the best in LA what are you doing in a laker's forum?

Kobe is getting worse huh?
well he only broke several lakers records this year and only laker fans know this because they watch every game on fox sports net where they tell you the records.

Let's see he had 81 pts in one game.
62 pts in 3/4's of a game.
One of lakers all time leaders in Most points scored per season.
One of leaders for most points averaged in 1 season.
One of leading lakers in most steals in one game (7)
one of the leading lakers in most free throws made in a row. (some number over 50)

thats just to name a few. so yeah hes getting worse. (sarcasm)
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