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Originally Posted by HALLandOATES
I think you should get which ever one you've been with, thats what most people do. But i'd say Ps3 really because it's faster loading and much faster overall and i mean alot because it has so many processors, like twice as many as the Xbox360,and can handle much more complexed things(graphics, movements ect..) Dual screened if you want to. The games should be alot better then the ones on XBOX360. Twice as much memory card for memory cards for PS3 but thats not really a big deal a guess since you wont come close to using it all.

It will take time for them to use all the extra processors.... just like it is taking time with the 360. Also the difference isnt that big..

Wii has MArio
What does Playstation have that i would want???? they can keep Grand Turismo and Final Fantasy
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