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So many people are trying to preorder then sell on ebay. My friend is doing that, gonna sell it on ebay for $1,000. I'm not interested in all that hassle.

Someone made a good point about the new releases having bugs, call backs, problems and stuff. Honestly? The money isnt an issue to me. I just want the best system. And like i said offline, and online at another board I'm on. The 360 seems to win out. But maybe that is because ps3 has yet to drop and be played, but most of the 360 fans are Xbox fans as well. And a large number simply love the online gaming. In fact most that is all they do is play online.

Ehhh, thanks for the comments fellas.

gobb who was that on this board that said he waited outside with his uncle for xbox and had a story with loopholes throughout the whole thing?Or were you involved in that topic?

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