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Antoine Walker's trying his best to destroy our team from the outside now...

MIAMI -- Antoine Walker invited Paul Pierce to American Airlines Arena for the first round of the 2006 playoffs, following through on an offer he made during some regular-season trash talk. But the Heat's run to the NBA Finals has left Walker little time to talk to his friend and former teammate. It has been about two weeks since they last spoke, and Walker doesn't expect Pierce in town for Games 4 or 5. Walker, however, will certainly have plenty to tell Pierce once his offseason begins.

When asked what advice he might give Pierce, Walker said, ``It's hard to say. He's already made a lot of money, but he has an opportunity now to sign an extension. He has to sit down with Danny [ Ainge] and the owners and really see where they want to go, if he wants to be part of a rebuilding process. If he wants to get to this level [and play for a title], he may have to move on. I don't know if he can be that patient.

``To get to this level, you've got to be deep. Look at both our teams. We're very deep teams. You've got to be talented. I don't believe [Pierce] has that other piece yet. You can't just do it by yourself. When you think of Boston, you just think of Paul Pierce solo."
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