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GP was, in fact, traded before he "got old" but he was dealt for a great, younger player (Ray Allen). If the deal that moves P brings us a younger player of Ray Allen's caliber, I wouldn't argue with it. Michael Finley is actually a completely different case. The Mavs could still have him right now but Cuban decided it was too important to save money, so he was waived under the luxury tax amnesty clause (or whatever it's called). And that had more to do with his contract being bigger than his contribution. Right now, Paul Pierce is well-worth his deal to the Celtics. And for most of his time in Dallas, Fin was also worth it, providing leadership, toughness, some clutch play, and around 20 points a night.
What i meant was that they were the faces of their teams for a long time, gave all for them, but had to be in another teams to have an opportunity to win it all.
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