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Default Re: Good for both teams

Originally Posted by Showtime
Worlds better? Who said worlds better? He's just better, period. When starting, he can be a 20/5/5 level player (last season) and put up nearly that with 18/4/4 this year along with around 50% FG shooting and 40% from 3. That's far better production than Noc, and John is a proven defender who has even limited Kobe. Is he a star? Certainly not, but considering his superior play on both ends of the court and lower salary, it's understandable why many feel switching those two players was a loss for Sacramento.

As a starter Nocioni averaged (for his carreer), 13.9/6.1/1.5 while taking 11.2 shots per game, and averaging 29:30 mpg. Those are very solid carreer numbers.

Salmons for his carreer as a starter averaged 14.0/4.2/3.6 while taking 11.3 shots per game, and averaging 34:42 mpg.

Overall Salmons took .1 more shots per game and averaged .1 more points per game (making Noc carreer wise a more effecient scorer). Noc also scored more points per minute. Noc is clearly the better scorer and rebounder, and Salmons is obviously the better passer.

This year Salmons is averaging carreer bests, and has started all 53 games, he is averaging 18.3/4.2/3.7 while taking 14.0 shots and playing 37:23 seconds per game.

Noc at his best (as a starter) averaged 16.9/6.4/1.1 while taking 12.7 shots and playing 29:23 seconds per game.

You can give Salmons the edge because he has better carreer assist numbers and right now he is playing better then Noc. Or you can give Noc the edge because historically he did it on better teams, and for a longer period of time. Saying one guy is clearly better is ridiculous.
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