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Originally Posted by BIG FURB
I'm definitely getting a PS3 (doubt it'll be at launch though. i'm not even gonna try and stress myself out looking for one). Most powerful system, hdd & blu-ray comes standard, free online gaming, great launch lineup, what's not too like? And spending 500 for one isn't gonna leave me broke and destitute

Slightly more powerful but MUCH harder to get that power, 360= slightly less powerfull but very easy to develope games on

PS3 wont play HD DVD Movies, only Blu Ray

Free online wont last, and you get what you pay for.

Great Launch lineup, really? Nothing interest me at all

the 500 doesnt have the ability to play HD movies so you gotta get the 600 version, plus 500 version doesnt have Wi-fi and only 20 gb HD
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