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So my dislike for Bird is what really led to my rooting for Magic....

That's not to say that's how everyone felt. Even my rascist grandfather loved Magic. He followed the NBA pretty closely and held Magic on a pedastal above everyone else, including Bird. He lives in Mississippi, a notoriously rascist area. There are certain players that transcend race, and it's sad that certain black players don't get the same respect certain white players do, but that's the way it is.

Jordan was one of those players who was not white or black, but just "the greatest player who ever lived". He was a hero to every boy growing up, black or white, or asian. He is known by everyone in the world. I can't possibly see how him being white gets him more endorsements, or more international acclaim.

Edit: I'm not saying he would be less popular, but that he would be exactly the same. There's nowhere else to go from the most recognizeable person, most loved athlete, etc. He's already at the top.
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