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Some of you need to understand the game of football. A team can only go as far as their offensive line takes them. Arizona has quite possibly the WORST O-line in the entire league.

Matt Leinart getting sacked, with Mike Brown then running in the fumble recovery for the touchdown was the O-line's fault!

Edge getting stood up, allowing Urlacher to rip the ball out of Edge's hands was the O-line's fault!

Ok the actual fumble is Edge's fault, but his O-line didnt give him much to work with. 36 carries for 56 yards? Last year Edge averaged over 100 yards a game with the Colts. Did Edge go from Pro-Bowl RB to scrub in one season? NO. He just has no running room in Arizona, cause his blockers blow. Again learn the game before you make yourself look like a retard. Edge = still of the game's premiere rushers.

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