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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by Hotlantadude81
Dude, it's an obvious movie. It's just another movie where Clint does his Dirty Harry routine. Is there a big element of surprise that I'm missing? I seriously doubt it.

You did the same thing with The Wrestler. You attempting to predict the film before watching it. I can't imagine how film is any fun for you when your first inclination is always to predict how poorly made a film is and not just watch the movie and then decide how you feel about it. Why do you insist on judging a movie before the opening credits roll?

...and, entrusting the Academy to lead you in the direction of the best films of the year is a bad idea. Every year, GREAT films are totally dismissed by these award shows. It isn't because they 'don't deserve' praise. It is often about politics in Hollywood and the pull that major studios have on the decision making of the voters.
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