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Default How good is Kevin Love ?

Heard a lot about this guy leading up to the draft, and more still after he got traded for OJ Mayo. Then came the first month or so with OJ Mayo playing spectacularly and Kevin Love not doing much, and people starting talking about how bad a trade it was. Since then though I don't think I've seen him mentioned, even if he's really starting to come along quite nicely.
Unfortunately though I don't have the opportunity to watch him play very often, so I'm hoping for some input here from those that do.

For the season he's averaging 10/9/1 in just 24 minutes per game, and his numbers are going up.
Lately he's been filling in at center with Al Jefferson out, and seems to be doing a pretty decent job, with averages of 13/10 in 27 minutes per game. Add to that the 17/10/2 at halftime he has against Utah right now and I think its time to talk about him again.

How good will he be at his peak ? Good enough to make the OJ trade worthwhile ?
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