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Default Re: How good is Kevin Love ?

Originally Posted by twolvesfan
Kevin Love is getting no love because he started out pretty bad. although right now he is a top 5 rookie. as far as i know he is the only rookie to be averaging a double double since the new year . he is pretty bad defensively though but he is a very smart dude and at his peak i could see him getting 14 rebounds per, not sure how many points though.

14 per is a little much. I wanna say 10. I mean Dwight is barely averaging 14 (last time I saw). I don't think Love could match that over a whole season.

And he really isn't that bad on defense. The problem is he just getting out matched. He is our center 6'9. Gomes is the PF 6'8. You can't expect those guys to do much defensively.
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